Jörgen Mellberg

"Working at PostNord Stralfors is varied, which is great. Things are happening all the time. Our customer stock is incredibly challenging and interesting, and customers make tough demands of us. We must constantly be at the leading edge and deliver on the customers’ demands, which is very stimulating."


The focus on information security has increased significantly and that makes my work interesting and challenging, says Jörgen Mellberg

Describe your role as Group Information Security Manager
My task as Group Information Security Manager involves shouldering responsibility for PostNord Stralfors’ information security at all levels. Nothing unforeseen must happen for our customers. I create the framework, i.e our strategy for security work, but I also work operationally at the detailed level if required. All of our work is based on our customers’ requirements. For example, if a customer wants specific checks to be implemented, we make sure that our systems and processes handle it.

Why did you apply for a job here, and what does your career path look like?
I started work here in September 2016. I was phoned by a recruitment consultant who thought that my profile was interesting. I’d previously worked at places including Nordea and Saxo Bank on both IT security and risk management.

The recruiting manager at PostNord Stralfors sold me the role very well and gave me an understanding of how interesting and challenging my job would be, which appealed to me. I also thought that it sounded interesting with the ongoing transformation, and I felt strongly that I wanted to be part of PostNord Stralfors’ journey of change.

What do you find interesting and challenging in your job?
The focus on information security within PostNord Stralfors has increased significantly, which means that my function is central in a different way than before. Security is now a management issue, and that makes my work both interesting and challenging. It’s also incredibly enjoyable to work on the project relating to the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which comes into force in spring 2018.

What’s it like, being an employee at PostNord Stralfors?
It feels secure to work at PostNord Stralfors. We’re part of a big company where pretty much everything is in place and working. The opportunities for further development are endless, as long as you show that you have the ability and the desire.

From your perspective, what kind of employee enjoys working at PostNord Stralfors?
A typical PostNord Stralfors employee assumes responsibility and makes sure that nothing falls through the cracks. We deliver and stand up for one another. As an employee here, you’re stimulated and inspired by being involved in PostNord Stralfors’ journey of change.

What makes PostNord Stralfors a good employer?
PostNord Stralfors is an interesting company with an interesting business. We’re a small, fast-moving company with short lead times and decision-making paths. At the same time we’re part of a large group of companies and can benefit from the strength that exists there in both our internal and external work.

Give us three tips for success in your role as a Group Information Security Manager.
In my role I have to be:
1. Communicative
2. Responsible
3. Responsive to both colleagues and customers