Ninna Toft Hansen

Production Manager, Denmark: “PostNord Stralfors offers amazing opportunities.”


“I communicate PostNord Stralfors’ strategy and work to achieve our goals. It’s my job to make sure that the Danish production process is heading in the right direction.

We encounter lots of challenges, as we’re in a market that’s in the process of shifting from regular mail to electronic. This means that we’re constantly having to improve our efficiency, be good at cost control and at the same time maintain the high level of quality. Improving efficiency and keeping down costs also means restructuring measures. We therefore focus on continuously improving and developing our quality processes together with our employees. LEAN is the method we’ve chosen to follow, and we work hard on improvements. 

As I’m based at a local plant, I feel that my work on strategic leadership in a global group of companies is something that will develop my competence in the areas of administration and leadership. PostNord Stralfors is a global company that offer amazing opportunities for personal development.”