Piere Dalros

I’ve been working at PostNord Stralfors since 1997 and been a full-time employee since 2000. I think that actually answers the question. I really enjoy my work and my colleagues, which is absolutely key for me.



What’s it like, working at PostNord Stralfors?
PostNord Stralfors has been constantly changing, and in the early 2000s the company was growing and the people I was working with were all about the same age, which meant that the workplace was really enjoyable and developmental for me. The fact that I myself have been able to try my hand at various roles within the company is of course the icing on the cake.

What is your role in the organisation?
I’m currently working as an Account Manager, which means that I work as a salesperson in a team consisting of six Account Managers, and between us we are responsible for PostNord Stralfors’ small and medium-sized customers. I also work on new customer sales to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Describe your role as an Account Manager.
In my role I need to be extremely receptive to customers’ needs and preferences, to be able to sell a relevant solution. My customers are all over Sweden, but mainly in the metropolitan regions, i.e. Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. I travel on average one day a week, because good relationships are created by meeting people. Apart from that, most communication is by phone.

How has your career journey been within PostNord Stralfors?
My first role (2000) at PostNord Stralfors was as a machine assistant, but after a few months I moved into the role of machine operator. I spent eight years working as a machine operator. Then I decided to go back to studying so that I could take on other positions at the company. After two years spent studying Industrial Marketing and Sales, I returned to Stralfors and was offered a position in Customer Service. I really enjoyed that, and fairly soon I was asked if I wanted to take on the role of acting Team Manager for Customer Service for about one year. Then a vacancy appeared for an Account Manager, so I applied and here I am now. It feels really great.

What do you find interesting and challenging in your job?
The most challenging thing is to learn to understand our customers’ needs and how we can offer them our solutions. It’s gone really well so far and I’ve brought in several interesting customers, for which I was awarded the prize for “New Sale of the Year”.

What’s it like, being an employee at PostNord Stralfors?
In my time at PostNord Stralfors we’ve moved from being a very intimate, privately owned company to become part of a very large group of companies. For us as salespeople, being part of a stable company such as the PostNord Group is an advantage, we notice that when we’re out selling. Our customers know that we’re going to be around and will also be able to deliver in the future. It feels incredibly stimulating.

Why did you apply for a job here?
PostNord Stralfors had and still has a very good reputation – a good company with a good culture and in interesting, modern business operation, and that attracted me. There’s also a good distribution between women and men, which I think is extremely positive, it creates a good working climate.

From your perspective, what kind of employee enjoys working at PostNord Stralfors?
You need to enjoy change. We usually say something along the lines of ‘change is part of our DNA’. And given the way that technology and opportunities are developing nowadays, we must embrace it, not be afraid or complacent. As an employee you must also be solution-oriented and interested in people.

What makes PostNord Stralfors a good employer?
If you as an employee show that you want to develop, the opportunities are unlimited. I’d be the first to acknowledge that, just look at my journey within the company. The working climate is really good, most people are solution-oriented and helpful, and if you show that you can assume responsibility, there really is freedom under responsibility.

Give us three tips for success in your role as an Account Manager.
You should be interested in and receptive to customers’ needs and preferences.
You need to be proactive and a driving force in your work.
You need to have a positive attitude and be solution-oriented.