Susanne Chau

Working at PostNord Stralfors is really interesting and stimulating. My duties at work are extremely varied and I’m driven by taking on new challenges, which is exactly what I get to do here.


Susanne Chau, Test Manager, Group IT, PostNord Stralfors

Describe your role as a Test Manager

As a Test Manager, I work on test management, test processes and quality assurance. Put briefly, you can say that we use tests to make sure and verify that new services or a change to existing services, for example an invoice solution, work as intended and that the change does not disrupt anything else in current production. I manage and am responsible for the actual test strategy and the development of test processes. I have xx colleagues to help me with operational test work. Are we delivering what we want and are we delivering according to expectations? Those are two questions that are important to ask in my work as Test Manager. 

How has your career journey been within PostNord Stralfors?

I started work at PostNord Stralfors in September 2016. That was preceded by five years as test manager at Sogeti, and before that as QA manager at Wayfinder. I was tipped off about the job by a colleague who knew that I was ready for new challenges after my maternity leave. I read the advert and thought that it suited my profile, so I applied for the job. After three interviews with various people I got the job, and it feels great.

What do you find interesting and challenging in your job?

What's interesting and challenging about my job is that I'm able to define the structure and strategy for test work in general. It's particularly good when you can make your own mark on the structure for employees and give them the coaching they need. In the past I only worked on the supplier side, but now I have an opportunity to work on both the supplier side and to specify demands on the order side. That variety is really great.

What's it like, being an employee at PostNord Stralfors?

I'm really happy at PostNord Stralfors. There are endless opportunities to further develop here if you show that you want to. There are plenty of challenges and there's a great atmosphere in the team. It's easy to settle into the group, as most people are open and social as individuals.

From your perspective, what kind of employee enjoys working at PostNord Stralfors?

As a typical PostNord Stralfors employee, you're strongly attracted by change and want to be a definite part of it. You enjoy juggling plenty of balls in the air and keeping up with developments, as decisions can be changed and projects can take new directions. You're also social and open as an individual.

What makes PostNord Stralfors a good employer?

The whole world is going digital. If you like that, you'll like Stralfors. Having the opportunity to be involved at close quarters in our journey of transformation makes PostNord Stralfors a good, exciting employer.

Give us three tips for success in your role as Test Manager Group IT

In my role as Test Manager I need:

  • To be structured
  • To be a good leader
  • To be very patient