e-Boks – Denmark's digital box


”The response to e-Boks has been fantastic,” says Kenny Østerberg, ebusiness development manager at TrygVestas, when we spoke to him in the Danish head office in Ballerup just outside Copenhagen.
The buildings are newly renovated. The former outdoor areas have been covered and transformed into bright new meeting places. The dark red brick walls are now white with colourful applications and the old single offices have become a light office landscape.
“We call it the ‘Vibrant House’ and that fits in well with the digitalisation process that is taking place here,” says Kenny Østerberg.

Unique online archive

The Danish e-Bok system is unique. A secure on-line archive with almost two million Danish users. Kenny Østerberg says that customer demand for digital services from Tryg has been greater than expected. The goal is that digital communication with customers will be standard in future. Around 80 percent of customer information is still sent in paper format today.
Tryg saves 7–10 crowns per mailout with digitalisation. Digital format is not free but it’s considerably cheaper. And the work involved in compressing documents is constantly ongoing because data is charged per kilobyte. The digitalisation of voluminous insurance policies is currently underway.
“A major challenge is thinking digitally from the start. The first cars were built after horse carriages; PDF files are the horse carriages of the internet.”
Receiving annual statements of cover in e-Boks offers many benefits for customers.
“You get a better overview and it’s easier to find and search for information. The customer gets a lifelong archive and also has access to information from overseas, which can be very useful for insurance policies.”

Customer’s own responsibility

When customers update their information in e-Boks, they receive confirmation via e-mail. Text messages will also be available soon. Customers log into e-Boks with a digital signature. Reading the material is then the customer’s responsibility. Digitalisation will help Tryg minimise its administrative costs.
“That will make us and our prices more competitive in the future,” says Kenny Østerberg.
Tryg employees now receive their pay slips in their e-Boks.
“Knowing how e-Boks works is a bonus for our employees because they can help our customers,” says Kenny Østerberg.
Tryg hopes that digitalisation will help prevent extra premium increases in the future. But customers may have to pay an additional fee for personal contact with the insurance company instead.
“But we are convinced that digitalisation will create more satisfied customers. e-Boks is a secure solution and security is a top priority for insurance customers,” says Kenny Østerberg