On May 28, this year's Smarter Communication Summit took place as a Nordic digital event, attracting around 1,000 participants.

The theme of the day was "Elevate," featuring a program focused on AI and the next generation of technology, and their impact on businesses and society. Through inspiring keynotes, expert insights, and compelling customer stories from the Nordic region, we challenged conventional thinking and explored the potential to reinvent digital communication with end customers.

You now have the opportunity to watch all the videos from the event.

Highlights from the event

Smarter Communication Summit 2024 content

Introduction to the theme "Elevate"

Welcome to Smarter Communication Summit 2024 with Elin Hauge, moderator and keynote, and Lisbet Karlsson, CEO of PostNord Strålfors.

Digital mailboxes and customer communication

Discussion of the digitalization of customer communication in the Nordic region with Ulrik Falkner Thagesen, CEO of e-Boks, Henrik Lönnevi, CEO of Kivra, and Lisbet Karlsson, CEO of PostNord Strålfors.

The focus is on the Nordic landscape, digital mailboxes, seamless experiences, customer experiences (CX), security, and the latest trends.

Scandic: Automated processes have freed up time and increased data security

Discover how Scandic, the largest hotel chain in the Nordic region, has revolutionized their digital mail management.

Join us as we along with Gitte Møberg, Finance Manager at Scandic, present this exciting customer case and share how our solution has streamlined Scandic's processes, liberated valuable time, and enhanced their data security. 

Frende Forsikring: Streamlining document management

Exceptional customer service, innovative technology, and a focus on customer needs have positioned Frende Forsikring at the forefront of the insurance industry.

One of the major challenges in the insurance industry is handling the vast number of documents that need to be sent to customers. We will be joined by Kristoffer Schmidt, Business Developer, and Truls Langeland, System Manager from Frende Forsikring, who have optimized their document management with the assistance of PostNord Strålfors.


Gain new insights into the evolving landscape of cybersecurity! It's no longer just an IT challenge—it's a critical aspect of business discussions that everyone needs to be aware of. But how do we prepare? How do we navigate crisis communication?

Anna Wennerstrand, a communication expert at Hamkke, shares her first-hand experiences from Coop's largest cyberattack in Sweden in 2021, while Hanna Lumikero, CIO of PostNord Strålfors, offers a holistic perspective on IT security.

AI & Business strategist Elin Hauge

Keynote session with Elin Hauge, an AI and business strategist and My Speaker's Speaker of the Year 2024. With over 20 years of experience in connecting data-driven technologies with business value, Elin has a unique ability to to connect the dots between business strategy and the application of AI. She brings new perspectives to known challenges, relentlessly demystifying jargon and buzzwords.

AI panel debate

Participate in an exciting AI panel discussion featuring Elin Hauge, joined by Ole Thykær, Nordic Product Manager at PostNord Strålfors, and Sami Niininen, Head of Business Development at PostNord Strålfors Finland. Together, they explore future prospects and implications for businesses in the Nordic region.

Telia: Partnerships have been the driving force behind new digital development

Learn more about Telia's strategic partnership with PostNord Strålfors as we welcome Pasi Tolvanen, Department Manager at Telia. He will elaborate on how this partnership has not only enabled high quality invoicing and customer service but has also been the driving force behind new digital developments.

Digitalization of the supply chain

Discover more as Stefan Winbo, Nordic Product Manager at PostNord Strålfors, delves into the digitalization of the supply chain.

Key takeaways and closing

Join us for the final session where we will summarize the key takeaways gathered throughout the conference with Elin Hauge, Erika Hjertén and Lisbet Karlsson