The winner of cinema tickets

We would like to thank all the engaged students who visited our stand at ARKAD career days and for those who participated in our contest.


Stralfors spent two days as an exhibitor at the ARKAD career days run by the Teknologkåren at Lund University Faculty of Engineering. Around 150 companies set up their stands.

“As a company it is really great to go out to career days, to meet students and explain what we do at Stralfors. I used to be a student myself and studied Systems Sciences at Lund University Faculty of Engineering, which makes it all the more enjoyable to be here representing Stralfors the company,” says Marcus Petersson, IT-Object Manager at Stralfors. 

The students visiting our stands got the chance to win two movie tickets. Stralfors have chosen 5 winners, based on their answers to the question “How do you think Stralfors can help companies bring an extraordinary customer experiences to their customers?” 

Why is this question relevant for Stralfors?
“Our customers, companies with many consumers, have a challenge to develop and maintaing the customers and further, recruiting new ones. Just competing on price is not an option any more, you need to create good experience for your customers and that is where Stralfors can add value by taking the companies communication to the next level. This demands that we can utilise data more efficiently in order to be more personal in the communication and be more creative regarding the content,” says Morgan Sellén, Business Development Manager at Stralfors.

The winners are: 
Kajsa Wernerson, Lund
Ibrahim El-Halabi, Malmö
Akram Kaadi, Eslöv
Anders Mattisson, Lund
Jasmine Johansson, Lund

Congratulation to all of you.