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As an employee with us, you’ll be involved in developing and offering communication solutions that give companies with a large number of customers totally new opportunities for more personal, stronger customer relations – the customer’s language.


In PostNord Stralfors we work systematically to improve and develop our leadership and teamwork. We encourage and support our employees in their professional development by our leaders carry out annual appraisals and where they work and lead their business according to their goal contract. Our leaders are focusing on supporting and if necessary develop the skills of our employees so we always provide the right support to our customers.

Our leaders are responsible for each and every one of our employees have individual development plans. Our employees and their skills, contribute to and are a success factor for our success as a company.

Magdalena Schindler

Head of Customer Care at Division Business Communication.
‘‘The biggest challenge is to manage change in the organisation, combining this with delivering service on daily basis.”


What do you do in your job?

I work together with my great team to make PostNord Stralfors customer service best in class.

What challenges do you face as a manager?

The biggest challenge is to manage change in the organisation and the mindset within the Customer Care organisation, combining this with delivering service on daily basis.

What does PostNord Stralfors offer as an employer?

An exciting business environment that delivers solutions for one of the most important areas – communication. There is no other company like PostNord Stralfors.

What do you feel you need to be happy at PostNord Stralfors as an employee?

To be ready for a constant change in a great working environment. Not to be afraid to take decisions and responsibility. To be a team player.

Why did you apply to PostNord Stralfors?

Stralfors combines three age generations of employees with different experience and from seven different countries. I realised that I would like to develop and spend the most productive years of my life in that kind of working environment.

What tips do you have for students who are about to enter the workplace?

Many people translate challenges into problems and share their perception of these “problems” with younger people, asking for some kind of advice – never listen to those kinds of stories, try things yourself first of all, so that you create your own perception.

Being an employee at PostNord Stralfors

PostNord Stralfors’ successes are created by our employees. Our employees’ competences and attitudes represent our most important success factor.


Together with our customers, we work constantly on changes and improvements to the business; for us, new challenges mean that employees must also develop.

PostNord Stralfors works systematically to improve leadership and employeeship. We encourage and support all our employees in their professional development by means of high-quality training and development. Managers have the responsibility to ensure that there are individually tailored development plans for each of our employees throughout their careers.

PostNord Professionals programme

PostNord Professionals is an opportunity for talented specialists from different parts of PostNord to connect and network, and also to deepen their knowledge of our business and strategic challenges. It is a one year program with focus on getting to know the whole business context, as well as giving the participants the possibility to work on business matters from a cross-functional and Nordic perspective.

Employer dialogue

Employer dialogues gives an opportunity for all employees and managers to discuss how the world is changing, how it effect the company and how our business is developing.

Eero Markelin

"You have to adapt, prove yourself and deliver high quality each time to earn the respect and trust from each customer."


What do you do in your job?

– I'm a Project & Product manager in PostNord Finland at Stralfors Oy and I manage projects and project management development as a whole at PostNord Stralfors Oy. The projects vary from new solution launches, product & process development to customer implementations.

– I’m also product manager of a service called We Mail, which is our standardized hybrid mail solution. We launched it in 2011 and it has been a great success.

– In addition, I’m involved in identifying business opportunities, helping our sales team to build key customer relationships, as well as negotiating and closing large business deals and maintaining extensive knowledge of current market conditions in Finland.

What do you find interesting and challenging in your job?

– Every project and customer is different. You have to adapt, prove yourself and deliver high quality each time to earn the respect and trust from each customer. It’s also a great challenge to develop our products and help our customers to communicate better and steer them towards a digital future.

– PostNord Stralfors must constantly adapt to the market, to be able to stay ahead, and to be the leader in the field of digital communication solutions. Stralfors lives according to the motto “Change is in our DNA”. How is it to work in a fast-moving company?

– The industry and the market is indeed transforming at a rapid speed. We are developing new services, while at the same time fine tuning our current portfolio to better meet the customer requirements. It’s not only challenging, but also very rewarding to be part of this change.

How is it to be an employee at PostNord Stralfors?

– There’s a great atmosphere at our workplace in Finland. We are all different people, but we work as a team towards the same goal. We also laugh a lot! In addition, we are constantly developing and trying to find new ways to improve, both as a company and on a personal level. We work with top companies and premium brands from different industries, which keeps things very interesting in our daily work.

Why did you apply to PostNord Stralfors?

– I heard a lot of positive feedback from a couple of old colleagues that had joined Strålfors. People seemed to enjoy working for Strålfors. It’s also a very flexible organization with a solid, international owner.

In your opinion, what kind of person likes working at PostNord Stralfors?

– Attitude is the key. You don’t need to have all the skills and experience from the start. With the right attitude you can learn all the necessary things and make a real impact.

Marcus Peterson

Team manager for system administration & development: “We must adapt to the market all the time and develop new solutions and services for customers, and as an individual you should be open to changes and not be afraid of making new decisions.”


What do you do in your job?

“I have a shared role – as both system administrator and team manager for system administrators & developers. As head of development and administration within PostNord Stralfors IT Sweden, I'm responsible for a group of employees in Ljungby.

We make sure that our IT systems, hardware and software, work as they should. Much of our day-to-day work involves resolving incidents, enhancing IT systems and receiving requests to develop new IT systems from customers and users, both internal and external. We're also working to phase out old IT systems that generate costs and extra work.”

What do you find interesting and challenging in your job?

“The great thing about my job is that we're constantly having to make sure we enhance the IT systems that the end user and the client use. Part of my work involves keeping up to date with new areas of IT that we need to be aware of, which means that you're always learning new things.

The challenge is to maintain an overall view and keep up with developments of new IT systems, and to constantly develop and enhance our systems so that production, end users and customers are always satisfied. While at the same time making sure that development and administration don't cost more than they should.“

Your career journey?

“I started in 2000 and spent seven years working in production in Ljungby. I seized the initiative myself a lot in production and always wanted to learn new things. Then I went on leave and started to study Systems Science at the School of Economics and Management in Lund for three years.

After graduating I started working on the production and programming of phone cards in Ljungby. I was then asked if I wanted to manage the IT systems in the card department in Ljungby, and since then I've managed more and more systems. I then started working as team leader, and I'm now team manager for system administration & development. We'll have to see what the next challenge will be.“

What's it like to be an employee at PostNord Stralfors?

“Wonderful. I've always been really happy at PostNord Stralfors and I can't imagine being happier anywhere else. Ljungby is our biggest production facility with a lot of employees – an environment in which I enjoy working.”

In your opinion, what kind of person likes working at PostNord Stralfors?“

“At PostNord Stralfors you have the opportunity to progress as much as you want. As there are so many different areas to work in, Postnord Stralfors suits most people. You have to be ready for changes, as changes are our everyday life. We must adapt to the market all the time and develop new solutions and services for customers, and as an individual you should be open to changes and not be afraid of making new decisions.

The communication industry is changing constantly. To be able to stay ahead, and to be the leader in the field of digital communication solutions, PostNord Stralfors must constantly adapt to the market. PostNord Stralfors has been at the heart of change since 1919 and lives according to the motto "Change is in our DNA",”

What's it like to work in a fast-moving company?

“As we live in a changing environment, the major challenge facing IT is to keep up with digital developments and constantly develop new systems. We can't always keep our old systems, but must adapt to the market. Change is a good thing, but at the same time stability is important, if you're going to do a good job. I enjoy working at a company that is changing, because it opens up new opportunities for tasks, jobs and new challanges.”

PostNord Stralfors’ Leadership Philosophy

PostNord Stralfors aims to supply our organisation with excellent leaders, and clear leadership is a competitive advantage for the group.

The company’s aim is to create a systematic, consistent approach to make sure that the company has the right leaders in the right place, at the right time, at all levels in the Group and that there are qualified candidates ready and waiting for new management positions as they become vacant. My senior management team and I have ultimate responsibility for supplying leaders for PostNord Stralfors. The provision of leaders is an element of Stralfors’ model for governance and management. 

// Annemarie Gardshol, CEO PostNord Stralfors


Credible managers are secure in themselves and are therefore not afraid to admit their own faults and shortcomings.

The manager is receptive and seeks suggestions from the group, and realizes that the best solutions comes from the group work. The manager is a role model. 


Communicative managers are visible, genuine and engaged, involved in working with the company’s strategic goals and can engage their teams.

Communicative managers create an active dialogue, listen, involve employees in decisions, set out expectations and manage conflicts.

Business approach

For Stralfors, Business Approach means that Volume and Profit should always go hand in hand.

Our managers act professionally, to make sure that we provide customer satisfaction and achieve our business objectives in both the short term and the long term.

Overall vision

Our managers are inquisitive, heavily involved and are very much in tune with changes in the world around us.

Our managers understand that changes in the business environment can trigger a need for changes in our company.

They understand the company’s ultimate objective and get involved to make a difference.


Innovative managers are bold and do not avoid conflict.

They enjoy challenges and try out new approaches, but also have the courage to stand by decisions that promote continuity and staying power when needed.

They have an ability to innovate based on an interest in what happens outside the postal service and an ability to see connections between global trends and our own business earlier than anyone else.