We turn your customers into friends

PostNord Stralfors develops and sells communication solutions to big companies with large numbers of customers.


Down the years we've helped our customers to build their brands – at millions of places and in millions of homes – around the clock, every second of the day. We know that the path to success demands continuous development and change.

Through our integrated communication solutions, we give our customers new opportunities for stronger, more personal customer relations.

Together, we turn your customers into your friends.

We operate in four countries

Visit us in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

We are a part of PostNord Group

PostNord AB is one of the biggest companies in the Nordic region in the field of communications and logistics solutions. This gives PostNord Stralfors extensive knowledge and awareness of issues relating to distribution.

PostNord was formed in 2009 through the merger of Post Danmark A/S and Posten AB. The Group has turnover of SEK 38 billion and around 33,000 employees (2016).

PostNord Stralfors is a part of PostNord AB.
For financial information, go to the PostNord Group website.

PostNord Stralfors' head office is in Solna, Sweden.

Our Business Idea

PostNord Stralfors develops and offers communication solutions giving companies with many customers completely new opportunities for more personal and stronger customer relations.

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With the knowledge that everything communicates, we make it possible for all parts of a company to interact and speak the same language – the customer's language.

We offer a broad range of services in the areas of both marketing communication and administrative communication. As of now, we are with you all the way from analysis and strategy, through data processing and optimisation of messages and channels, to effective distribution.

PostNord Stralfors is a strong operator in the field of digital communication. We develop and offer communication solutions to companies with large numbers of customers.

Our core competence is an ability to manage large volumes of variable data and distribute it to the right person, in the right channel, at the right time. In practice this means that we help our customers to build strong relationships with their customers.

This is increasingly happening in a number of channels and with the aid of automated, personalised communication.

PostNord Stralfors is an operator that always thinks communication on the customer's terms.

Our Vision

The direction of our journey ahead is clear and so is our vision: To become the undisputable leader of Communication solutions, creating the Brand Communities of tomorrow.


The future is closer than we can imagine. In fact, it's already here.

Today only a portion of our customer's Brand Communication is actually controlled by themselves. The explosion of social media has made consumers more powerful than ever before.

For our customers this means that, to be successful in building relations, they have to turn their communication from a monologue into a dialogue. They have to regard their consumers as part owners of their brand and start building a brand community – not towards but together with them.

PostNord Stralfors role in helping our customers will be the same as always, but we have to add a new dimension when developing our future toolbox. We have to integrate a new consumer behaviour – not as a threat, but as an asset – when building our customers' brands.

And the best way to help our customers is to position ourselves between them and their consumers. As a matchmaker we can leverage their business by turning it into a Social Business enabling them to build stronger and more personal relations than ever before.

Our Mission

Our “why” is based on one fundamental belief: we are convinced that communication is the very source and fuel of human evolution.

Our Mission.jpg

And, we're proud to make a difference. It gives us a sense of meaning that in turn makes us even more dedicated, skillful and, of course, successful when meeting and working with our customers.

Whenever we enable our customers to decrease the distance between themselves and their customers, we increase the quality and value of their relationship.

We don't tell them what to say and we never write their strategies – we give them the tools and the systems to make it all happen. We release the power of communication.

We don't just run an information logistic company – we have a mission: Building better relations by releasing the power of communication.

Our Strategy

PostNord Stralfors towards 2020:


Ylva Ekborn, CEO of PostNord Strålfors, why is the Vision 2020 so important?

– Because most organizations need to have a vision. And we also need to know where we are going. This is why we have been using the last year to think about what position we want to be in as a company in 2020. And, also, what does this mean for our various objectives?

PostNord Stralfors is to become a Communication solution company – what does that mean?

– If you look at what we've done over the years, we have in reality been working with different products and solutions that are communication solutions. If you send a letter or use an EDI solution, it is in fact communication.

– If you look into the future, you don't really know what techniques we will use. We have therefore redefined our vision to state that we work with communication solutions, whatever techniques are used in the future.

OK, can you explain what this means for PostNord Stralfors as an organisation?

– There will be a mindset change and we need to be clear about certain things. One is that, if we want to be a communication solution company, whatever technique, we will not know exactly what to do all the time. We will also not be able to do it ourselves all the time. This means we will be working more with partners. It's also important for us to start thinking about new communication solutions around the clock.

– This is a difference, compared to our history where we have been more focused on printers or inserts.

Can you see any specific trends that will affect PostNord Stralfors in the near future?

– What we can see around the world, especially in Europe, is that for the last 10–15 years, there's been a lot of one-way communication – from the organization to the end consumer. What we see in the future is that there will be more and more communication both ways. Both from the sender to the receiver, but also from the receiver to the sender.

– And PostNord Stralfors happens to be in the middle of this "explosion", as you might call it. That's why it is so important for us to continue to be here.

So, where do you see PostNord Strålfors in 2020? What will the market say about you?

– When big or small organizations need help in order to communicate with their customers, they should automatically turn to us. They should say: could PostNord Stralfors help us to communicate with our customers?

You are very confident you will succeed, what are the main reasons for this?

– There are three main reasons. Number one is that PostNord Stralfors is working in a communication market that is growing. Within that market we are working with communication solutions. This is a good position to be in. Number two is that I'm very proud of our personnel. We have very good personnel with good knowledge to handle this growing market. Number three is that we have good customers. The customers we have, who in turn communicate with their customers, they really like us.

– If we have a growing market, good personnel and good customers, then we have very good opportunities for the future.

Our Values

We have a set of core values that guide us in terms of what we give our customers and how we want to continue our development.

Reliable, Accessible, Business partner and Sustainable.

It's our core values that set us apart from others. They define us and describe how we act and interact with other people and companies.

For PostNord Strålfors, action always speaks louder than words. Our customers must encounter committed, knowledgeable employees. And we must constantly adapt ourselves and our offering to meet our customers' requirements and preferences.

This demands a receptive, constantly learning organisation that can face the challenges and the requirements of the communication solutions of the future.

It also demands employees who are happy in their work and who share the company's values and standards.

Our success doesn't only depend on building strong relations with our customers. It also depends on retaining and enhancing relations with our employees.

  • RELIABLE – PostNord Stralfors keeps its promises and delivers everywhere, securely, at the right time and to the right place.

  • ACCESSIBLE – PostNord Stralfors is always close to its customers, listens to them and is committed to helping them meet their challenges.

  • BUSINESS PARTNER – PostNord Stralfors is a professional business partner to customers and helps them solve their logistics and communication challenges.

  • SUSTAINABLE – PostNord Stralfors creates value for its customers and owners, is a socially responsible company and works actively to reduce its environmental impact.

Digital focus at PostNord Stralfors

Digital solutions are becoming an increasingly important part of the Swedish companies’ communication to customers, and tougher demands are being made of suppliers of these solutions. One operator that recognised the importance of a competent range of services in this segment at an early stage is PostNord Stralfors. The focus here is on the digital world.


Tomas Jönsson and Katarina Johansson.

Companies' demands for digital deliveries are growing by the day, and in a number of years it is expected that digital solutions will account for most communication solutions in the market. At PostNord Stralfors, one of the biggest operators in this segment, they are now working towards their goal of being the leader in this very field of digital communication solutions.

Two employees at PostNord Stralfors who are directly involved in this work are Tomas Jönsson and Katarina Johansson, both from the e-services business area. Tomas and Katarina tell us about the new challenges in the market, the digital PostNord Stralfors and the competences they will be looking for in future.

New challenges in the market

Tomas works as a Team Manager at PostNord Stralfors and has extensive experience in the field of digital solutions, in both sales and partnerships. His role as Team Manager includes responsibility for Sales Support, salespeople with in-depth technical expertise who help customers to find the solution they need. He explains that the digital market is growing more and more quickly, and that many companies are now converting their businesses for the digital world.

Katarina, Team Manager at E-services, agrees. With system administrators and systems developers beneath her, she has a clear view of the new challenges:

"There's a transition under way, and the demands from our customers are becoming more and more qualified. Companies expect more from our deliveries, and they need a high level of digital functionality in order to be able to make contact with their customers. It can involve anything from digital mailboxes to the need for digital mailings to customers, in the right channel at the right time."

The digital PostNord Stralfors

PostNord Stralfors has communicated the following vision from its management: "To be the leading provider of channel-independent customer communications solutions", a vision in which both Tomas and Katarina believe. They explain it is precisely multichannel solutions and the digital focus that enhance the goal that leads to this vision.

"We want to offer as broad a range of channels as possible. This means that you as a customer are able to use whichever channel is most suitable for the purpose. In the field of digital solutions we're offering a number of different services, including Internet banking invoice, eArchive, EDI and so on, services that are in demand in the market," says Tomas.

Many of our customers experience their most hectic period before Christmas, as many people do their Christmas shopping online and lots of shipments are sent all over the country. With the aid of Stralfors' EDI service, our customers can efficiently handle everything from order, invoicing and text message alerts to end customers. By contrast with other operators, Stralfors handles the entire flow rather than only individual elements of it.

An exciting journey ahead

To be able to stay ahead, Stralfors must constantly adapt to the market, and thanks to their extensive experience there is one thing they are used to: change. But instead of viewing change as something negative, Tomas and Katarina explain that within PostNord Stralfors it is rather viewed as an opportunity. Because they live according to the motto "Change is in our DNA". Tomas explains:

"We're used to this and recognise opportunities in offering support with solutions that simplify the changes taking place in the market."

To be able to deal with change, it is also important to possess the right competences. PostNord Stralfors is therefore looking for competent employees who want to speed up the process of becoming the leader in the field of digital communication solutions. The major focus here is on future employees with IT competence who understand PostNord Stralfors' offering.

"For salespeople, it's important to possess IT skills that enable you to handle the whole sales discussion yourself without having to rely on specialists in the business. At the same time it represents value in the long term to bring in employees who want to come along on the journey and who view development as a challenge," concludes Katarina.

The competences that PostNord Stralfors is looking for fall within a number of areas, including IT salespeople, business developers, account managers and key account managers.

Selling #Social it’s the only way

With social selling now becoming a tactic for all sales individuals to adopt to reach their company sales goals, the importance of harnessing this process is becoming ever more important to companies worldwide.


We have asked our colleague John Chapple, Marketing Manager in Stralfors UK to share his best tips.

The plan and strategy is simple if you follow these 5 top tips:

  1. Understand where your key target audience is hiding. A recent salesforce CRM study shows that sales reps are 70% more likely to secure an appointment when reaching out to a prospect via a LinkedIn Group. Multiple sectors have groups within LinkedIn to which senior decision makers become members and actively look for content within these groups that relates to pains and trends in their sector. So why not try this? Find a pain within that sector and share a post to the group on why a certain solution/service can solve that issue.
  2. Plan, Plan, Plan. Social selling doesn't have to be time consuming in your daily work life. Simply plan your post's content and decide where and who you will be targeting that week. Keep your plans short and concise with room to change the topic at any time. (You never know what changes happen overnight in various sectors) According to a feedback systems study on the future of digital sales, only 8% of social sellers have a strategy in place which is fully integrated into the sales process.
  3. Always stay visual to your network. If you're too busy closing deals and turning heads in customer meetings, don't forget, always stay engaged with your social connections. This can be in the simplest form of 'liking' or re-sharing stories that fit into your target sector or, more effectively comment on your connections stories and create a flowing public dialogue that embraces trust and expertise.
  4. Be educational and socially solve problems. In platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter people engage more if being educated on how to solve marketing or business problems. 81% of buyers report they're likely to engage with sellers who have a strong professional brand according to a recent LinkedIn buyer's survey. You can educate the connection on how a certain solution/service can help. This in turn transforms you into a modern thought leader on smarter communication services.
  5. 5. Track and evaluate your posts. If you're feeling brave enough to share a story/URL via LinkedIn or Twitter, always remember you can track the analytics of all your posts for you or your marketing department. Always make sure to use a shortened URL link. You can get these via Google or dashboard programs like Hootsuite. This will allow you to see the activity towards your posts, how many times it's clicked, geographical location, even down to the device used to view the post. Understanding these key elements of how your posts are ultimately delivered will be the important factor towards social selling success.