Discover PostNord Stralfors

As an employee with us, you’ll be involved in developing and offering communication solutions that give companies with a large number of customers totally new opportunities for more personal, stronger customer relations – the customer’s language.


The biggest challenge for most large companies is to use, prioritise and co-ordinate all of the opportunities for communication so that the whole business talks to its customers using one and the same language. When PostNord Stralfors communicates and focuses on the recipient, it always produces results – whether it’s direct marketing, invoices, the Internet, telemarketing, customer service, support or something else.

There are few – if any – companies that know as much as we do about different ways of communicating. We deliver communication solutions that make it possible.

PostNord Stralfors is the leading communication solutions company in the Nordic region, as well as being a strong operator in other key markets in Europe.

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