Building the next era of invoice payments

In this video, learn how invoice experiences are changing with Tom Pope, SVP of Payments at Tink together with PostNord Strålfors experts: Mattias Norén, VP Business Development, and Andreas Schei, Business Development Manager.

The sheer scale of Europe's invoice sector is often under-estimated – 36 billion are sent each year – and now there's a quiet revolution underway in how invoices and bills are paid. 

As the largest invoice distributor in the Nordics, we are constantly working to transform and improve our customer’s digital experiences. By partnering with Tink, PostNord Strålfors is using Account-to-Account also called Pay by Bank to help billers strengthen customer loyalty by providing quick and effortless ways to pay.

Watch the video now and you will learn:

  • Why invoicing is an ideal fit for Account-to-Account payments
  • How adding Account-to-Account to customer’s exiting invoice process will improve the customer experience and reduce cost
  • How consumers and billers alike are benefitting from a seamless payments experience
  • What’s next in the world of invoices and billing, and how your business can adapt for the future
Andreas Schei
Business Development Manager at PostNord Strålfors

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