A selection of our customers

Here are a few examples of cases where we have helped customers achieve better market communication outcomes by combining analysis, segmentation and impact measurement with physical and digital advertising solutions.


How Helen uses MobilePay

Helen is Finland’s second largest energy company, From the beginning of 2019 Helen will be the first company in Finland to offer its customers the possibility to pay invoices via the MobilePay service.


Lowell’s solution revolutionizes the industry

Lowell invests in digital service development. One of its most important initiatives is offering simple and fast services directly on cell phones. The company is the first in Sweden to launch mobile debt collection.


Nordea Finans

The move to dynamic invoices has enabled Nordea Finans to let its customers decide how they want to receive information. Shorter lead times from production to distribution also make it easier to quickly publish current topics via the invoice.


Karolinska Hospital

At Karolinska University Hospital’s pediatric radiology department, orthopedists and surgeons are using 3D-printed body parts to better understand deformities prior to performing surgery and for testing surgical procedures. “Invaluable,” says pediatric radiologist Lena Gordon Murkes.


Telia's Digital Journey

Telia in Denmark is on a journey to make the company completely digital, both internally and in its relationship with customers. “Our main focus is on digitalization and simplification,” says Tamara Khaliel, Strategic Sourcing Manager at Telia in Denmark.