Our services at a glance

With a clear focus on the Nordic market, we offer communication solutions in print, distribution and digital. We help our customers achieve better market communication outcomes by combining analysis, segmentation and impact measurement with physical and digital advertising solutions.


Input Management

Our Input Management solutions efficiently import communications from all channels - physical and digital - so they can be distributed in the right channel to the right recipient.


Output Management

Move seamlessly between different channels, physical as digital, and send out in the right channel for each customer. Sort your data to the right place and ensure product quality.


Business Integration Management

Large firms manage thousands of transactions daily. When you digitalize the influx, you streamline the company. EDI is strategy.


Payment Management

Payments in Omnichannel – how, where and when you want to. With our solutions platform for Payment Management, it is easy and comfortable for you to let your customers decide.


Consulting and Insights

Be prepared. Learn more about who your customers are and what they want. Our services in Consulting and Insights contribute to better profitability and increased customer satisfaction.


Print Solutions

Transform your data into physical communication and physical products – exactly when you need it. With Print Solutions, you do not need to think about the production, distribution or storage.