Jeppe Tang Sørensen
Key Account Manager

“It is a very innovative workplace. There is a will to promote development and ideas are encouraged.”

What is your role here at PostNord Strålfors?

– I joined PostNord Strålfors in 2020. In all my previous roles I have always worked with sales and am doing that now as well. I work with very experienced, incredibly competent people who know a great deal about the areas in which we are active.

– My first role at PostNord Strålfors was Account Manager, and I was promoted to Key Account Manager a while ago. I have had a very exciting and rewarding journey over the last two years, which has led to enormous development. I am currently in contact with several of the largest companies in Denmark. If you are determined, work hard and do your job well, there are opportunities for all employees to take on even more responsibility. I also think it is easy to be noticed here and to make one’s opinion heard. Everyone is welcome to provide input.

Please could you tell us about PostNord Strålfors as a workplace?

– It is a very innovative workplace. I have suggested lots of ideas and regardless of whether the management chooses to take specific ideas forward or not, I feel that people are always listened to and that all suggestions are taken seriously. There is a will to promote development and ideas are encouraged. For us, all customers are equal, regardless of the size of the business relationship or company. I think it is important to highlight this because, unfortunately, I don’t think this is the case everywhere. But here, we really care about each and every customer, always. And we celebrate as well; all our successes are celebrated!

What is the most important factor for ensuring you like being at a workplace?

– One of the main reasons that I enjoy working at PostNord Strålfors is that the people here are incredibly talented. Every single one of my colleagues is really skilled. I’m really impressed. I think this is a real plus for me as there is always someone to learn from. And we have a great deal of freedom regarding how we carry out our work. Great trust is placed in the employees and their ability and willingness to do their work in the best possible way. That is important in terms of both the overall success of the company and me feeling happy at the workplace.

– Another factor regarding being happy at work is that I feel that people listen to me, and others. I feel I have the opportunity to contribute with ideas and input. It is, of course, also important that there is a competent and thoughtful management team. All these components exist at PostNord Strålfors.

Why do you think it works so well at PostNord Strålfors with this kind of freedom?

– It is definitely because of the management we have. Our manager here in Denmark has always been very aware of the fact that every individual has different needs in terms of ways of working and when they prefer to work. Nobody has ever ordered us to do things in a certain way, and there is a great deal of confidence that we ourselves have the ability to determine how we can best achieve our goals. I am quite sure that it is these high levels of confidence and trust shown in us that make it work so well.

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