Lena Birte Kaas Gluver

Team Manager, Projects & Onboarding Customer Care

“I joined PostNord Strålfors in September 2021. I was actually hired as a Senior Service Delivery Manager, but since starting I have mainly worked as a project manager and recently I have taken on the role as Team Manager in Customer Care.” 

Describe your role

– Previously in my career, I have always worked in roles that focused on customers and digitalization. I therefore really appreciate having the opportunity to build on my knowledge and develop further. I have experience from the implementation of large projects, which is useful in my current role and in the projects I lead here. I feel that PostNord Strålfors as an organization is always looking at what is best for me, based on my previous experience, so that it can adapt my work accordingly. This has meant that I got the chance at an early stage to show that I have the ability to deliver, which means a lot to me.

– Since joining the company, I have primarily led a project in which we are implementing D365 in all four countries. I am the project manager for the Danish part of the project and up on that I work together with our Sales Department and some of our focus customers. Being involved in such an extensive project as the D365 project has helped me have a very rapid learning curve, and in just a short time I have gained understanding and knowledge about the products and the value that PostNord Strålfors really delivers.

– I have also gained contacts throughout the organization, which further increases my opportunities and facilitates my work as a project manager. All that taken together is something I value very highly.

As you mentioned, you have worked in projects involving all four countries. What is your opinion about the cooperation between the different countries?

– From what I have seen, there is a great desire to help each other throughout the organization. I have great confidence that I will always get the help I need. There is a feeling that we are all in this together, and that our goal is to move the company forward. A very clear shared goal. It’s very inspiring.

Why do you think it is like that?

– There is no doubt that it is based on how the management communicates and operates. PostNord Strålfors has a completely flat organizational structure. It is easy to get hold of all the people in the organization, at all levels. I think it is important that everyone in the company knows what it is that is to be achieved together, which goals and values apply, what sort of environment is to be created and so on. This is something that is possible to convey in a flat organizational structure such as that at PostNord Strålfors.

What do you need to make sure you feel happy at work?

– The most important thing is that I can work in close contact with customers. Shaping the collaboration between us, and determining how we can help our customers develop and deliver, are of the utmost importance to me. At PostNord Strålfors, I constantly see evidence that this is exactly how the company reasons and where the focus lies, which makes it very interesting for me to work here.

– We are always looking for improvement opportunities, driving development, and identifying new digital possibilities. That, in combination with the management we have and the fact that there are always development opportunities for each individual, means that I am really happy at work. I can clearly see what I contribute and what we contribute, and that really motivates me. I share the PostNord Strålfors values, which are made clear in the company. These make it easy for me to navigate around.

– There is also a great deal of trust in my ability to deliver and a large dose of freedom also comes with that trust. Help is always available if I need it, but I control my work completely and make sure I deliver. That is also an important factor in me being happy at work.

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