Sinikka Eloranta
Manager, Communications & Sales Excellence

“I would say that PostNord Strålfors always has the approach and goal that all employees should have a chance and be given the opportunity to grow within the company.”

What is your role here at PostNord Strålfors?

– I have made quite a long journey within PostNord Group. My current role at PostNord Strålfors is Communications and Sales Manager in Finland. This means that I work in the sales team but that I also take care of communication and I work closely with marketing. I am responsible for external communication in Finland, and also for some of the internal communication.

– My role also means that I help the salespeople make sure they have the right tools to be able to perform their work in the best possible way. In my area of responsibility, there are also a number of international mail products, and that was actually the area in which I started my journey in 2010. Back then, I worked for Direct Link, which is now also part of the PostNord Group, but was a separate company in Finland at that time.

– I started as a part-time Operations worker there, but quickly became responsible for production and some aspects of communication. We merged with PostNord in 2015 and in addition to my previous role I also became an E-commerce expert. When the Group then moved the International Mail Department to PostNord Strålfors, it felt like a natural step to follow it there, and that is why I am here now.

What does an internal career path look like, in your opinion?

– I would say that PostNord Strålfors always has the approach and goal that all employees should have a chance and be given the opportunity to grow within the company. I know that the opportunity to develop is always there for me if I want it, including studying to acquire new knowledge and taking on new positions in the company, and more responsibility. If I want to develop myself or various work processes, I feel that I am supported in this. Everything is possible. This is really great for us as employees here.

How would you describe the company’s values?

– Strålfors was founded over 100 years ago in Småland in Sweden, and is now a truly Nordic company. I think the company’s values reflect not only Swedish culture, but also the history of Strålfors as a family business. I think many of the company’s current values, such as taking care of our people, were established a long time ago. We have many benefits that it is not mandatory to provide but that the company wanted to implement to take care of its employees.

– I would say that Strålfors has a flat organizational structure, which contributes to everyone being treated equally. I really appreciate this. I also really appreciate that PostNord Strålfors has high standards regarding carbon dioxide emissions. There is an incredible culture of innovation within the company, which facilitates development. The entire company aims to be at the forefront with regard to new products and solutions.

What would you say to someone who would like to start working for us?

– Welcome, come and join us! It is truly a place that takes care of its employees. They really want us to feel good at work, so that we can develop and grow. Everyone helps each other, treats each other equally and works towards achieving the same goal.

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PostNord Strålfors is on a digital transformation journey - and the key to success is having the right competencies to drive the development forward. Therefore, this year we have started a Young Talent program together with an external partner where we bring in newly graduated IT talents to join us on our journey.


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