Sophia Schwanborg
Manager Architecture and Process, Nordic IT 

“We help each other, and that nobody is left feeling alone in their work. We’re basically a bit like a family.”

What is your role here at PostNord Strålfors?

– I am an Enterprise Architect at PostNord Strålfors. In that role I basically work with IT strategy linked to business strategy. I have had several similar roles in the past in various assignments as a consultant, which I did just before joining PostNord Strålfors.

– I have been an entrepreneur for a long time and have almost 30 years of experience in IT and business development. I lead and work in a team that mainly works with issues relating to IT architecture as well as various types of IT processes. Everything is essentially about how the business works, and IT is now an integral component in all parts of a business.

What do you think characterizes PostNord Strålfors as a company?

– Warmth and togetherness. That it feels like we help each other, and that nobody is left feeling alone in their work. We’re basically a bit like a family. I have been told by my recently hired consultants that they have never before had an assignment at which they received such a warm welcome from the very first moment. That is really good praise that makes me proud.

What do you think about the future of PostNord Strålfors as an employer?

– I think the future will be even more focused in several ways. The time when a workplace was a place where you could disappear into a gray mass is over. The approach will become even more about the individual’s journey, and we design our roles on this basis. There are a lot of changes happening with regard to digitalization, but we must not forget that digital transformation is fundamentally about people. And that is why it is important to focus on the journeys taken by individuals. We do that, which in turn leads to our employees developing both professionally and on a personal level. This means we are able to develop cool products and processes. It becomes a positive snowball effect.

How would you describe the culture at PostNord Strålfors culture in a few sentences?

– I could take our table tennis matches as an example. Not playing table tennis as such, as lots of companies have ping-pong tables. What I mean is that we play the game 100%. We all put in lots of effort, have fun and do everything as well as we can. Including when playing table tennis. No matter what challenge we get given, whether it is to walk as many steps per day as possible or to spend as much time as possible outdoors (sometimes such challenges arise), we do it wholeheartedly and to win. No compromises, we really go for it! And the best thing of all is that everyone enjoys it; and if for some reason we don’t win, we have the attitude that we will instead win next time. That can also be seen in our professional ethics. Which is impressive.

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