CDON: The end consumer is in focus

Strålfors has announced the signing of a long-term agreement with to build a central warehouse and to help them with their communication solutions. Stralfors had a chat with Mikael Emmet Johansson, Sales Director, and Mats Sjöberg, Business Development & IT Manager, at Stralfors division Fulfilment, both of whom were involved in the business agreement.


Stralfors works with communication solutions. needed a strategic warehousing and logistics partner. How did we come to be CDON's business partner?
"Logistics, warehousing and distribution are important elements of creating positive customer experiences, which in return builds strong customer relations. We initiated discussions with representatives from to find out what is most important in their process. The conclusion was that the end consumer is in focus. We could then immediately start talking communication solutions. We did not offer them a warehousing solution, instead we showed them a communication solution and they immediately recognized the same opportunities that we already knew existed," says Mikael Emmet Johansson.

How will I, as a customer at, notice that things have improved?
"Imagine you have ordered a pair of trainers, a packet of Lego, a film and a mobile phone. Currently it is all packed at different warehouses. You receive lots of notifications about the packages, probably not even on the same day, even though everything was ordered at the same time. That means more packaging, high freight costs and several shipments for both and you, to get your packages.
We will pack the products in one package and send it in one transport. We can notify you of your package however you prefer, by letter, text message and email or through social media; as a customer you can choose yourself, and it will also be less impact on the environment," says Mikael Emmet Johansson.

There may be around 100 new jobs. What kind of competences do we need?
"To be able to deliver communication solutions, we need employees with knowledge of warehousing, logistics, supply chain, Lean processes, customer service and IT," says Mats Sjöberg, continuing:
"We also need employees who like working flexible hours. People who order online do it in the evenings, at weekends and when they are on leave. E-commerce is not what you would call a normal production process. We do not always know what will happen, just that we have to deliver within 24 hours. Our staffing levels will be uneven and we need employees who recognise the major role they play in creating the customer experience for the end consumer."