Former recipient of Nivert Grant at Stralfors

This year was the fifth successive year that the Marianne Nivert Leadership Grant has been awarded. Meet Annica Axelsson at Stralfors, a previous winner of the Nivert Grant for good leadership.

How has Annica changed as a manager since then?
When Annica Axelsson received the award in 2011 she was, just as she is now, MD of Stralfors’ Swedish business. Since then her role has expanded and she is now also Head of the Marketing Solutions Division. “It was really great to receive such a prize,” says Annica Axelsson, continuing: 
“For me personally, receiving the Marianne Nivert Prize was motivational. I was actually quite new in the Group, so it felt especially good to be appreciated at an early stage, in a good organisation with skilled people all around me.”

Communication - even more important
When Annica Axelsson was awarded the prize, at the time she felt that clarity and keeping things in good order were important aspects to bear in mind as a manager. 
“Clarity remains an important aspect. I believe that we all want to know what objectives we’re striving to achieve. But I’m fascinated now by how difficult it is to communicate clearly. People receive messages in different ways, at different times and through different channels. This creates different images in people. In this changing world of ours, where the information flow is now incredibly vast, it’s even more important to communicate through all channels so that we reach more people.”

Good order still important
Keeping things in good order comes from the time when Annica Axelsson was appointed MD of Stralfors’ Swedish business. Now, three years later, good order is still important. At the same time, there is a clear guiding principle, not to focus inwardly too much.
“Good order is important, and something you might never really finish. Now, three years on, we’re still focused on creating even better order in our internal processes, with a focus on the customer. To continue to give our customers good service and quality, we must be efficient and have a structured work method. Then we can develop the business and create profitability,” says Annica Axelsson.

How have you changed as a manager? 
“I’ve grown older and more humble when facing the difficulty of communicating.”