PostNord plans possible sale of Strålfors

PostNord investigate the possibility of dispose of Stralfors, which has been part of the group since 2006.

– We need to focus on our core business while providing Stralfors full opportunity to develop their own offering, says President and CEO Håkan Ericsson.

Today PostNord Stralfors is a unit that appears to the side of the two business areas, Logistics and Mail & Communication. Operations within Stralfors are not included in PostNord ordinary country organization. In that role, however, the unit successfully has been part of the Group's total offering. A recent example is a contract to take over the storage and distribution to

After analysis the Group management, however, has decided not to integrate Stralfors deeper in the organization, but will instead explore the possibility of selling the business.

- We are undergoing a major transformation to become a leading Nordic logistics company while maintaining the strong positions in communications and e-commerce. This change requires both management and financial resources, and necessitates an undivided focus on our core business, says Håkan Ericsson.

Another reason is that Strålfors because of competitive regulation - as part of PostNord - been prevented to fully exploit business opportunities in the communication market.

- A possible sale of Stralfors would also free up capital to invest in our core business, says Håkan Ericsson.

As a consequence of this leaves Per Samuelson the Group Executive Team in PostNord AB

Jan Starrsjö will, in addition to his current responsibilities, to a large extent focus on assisting in the process ahead.