About ten years ago Stralfors decided to focus on content marketing, something that is now flavour of the month and can be described simply as focusing more on the recipient's terms than on what the company wants to communicate.


"We've always wanted to describe the effects of what we do better, how our customers' bussines are developed and enhanced by our solutions.

The magazine made this all possible," explains Martin Sterner, VP Marketing Communicatioin at Stralfors and the person who started the magazine.
Right from the outset it was important for Stralfors that the magazine, which was then called Infolog Magazine, should be perceived as being welcoming and worth reading. It was equally important that the content was credible.

"We saw clear trends, for example how our customers' businesses were becoming internationalised faster and faster, and how various technical advances changed the way people do business," explains Martin Sterner.

With its editorial tone, the magazine was a response to this and an attempt to better deliver the stories that customers were asking for - clear case studies combined with inspirational material, trend analyses and business intelligence.

"At the same time, our own delivery became increasingly complex and involved far more people from our customers than before. We needed to improve awareness of what Stralfors could deliver to people at our customers over an above those we were already in contact with. And a magazine can do some of that work," says Martin Sterner, continuing:

"Stralfors' products and services aim to deliver stronger customer loyality, increased sales and better efficiency. We wanted readers to feel right from the outset that Stralfors assumes responsibility for and becomes actively involved in its customers' business development. We wanted to explain that Stralfors can do it," says Martin Sterner.