PostNord Strålfors Oy and Siirto will enable paying of invoices on smartphone

Consumers will soon be able to pay their invoices with Siirto, as PostNord Strålfors will offer Siirto service as invoicing method to its corporate customers. This is a new way to use the service, as PostNord Strålfors is the first operator to issue invoices to Siirto.


Soon consumers can easily receive and pay invoices as Siirto payments on their smartphone. PostNord Strålfors, in cooperation with Nordea, will allow corporations to send invoices and attachments directly to the Siirto application used by the consumer.

"In Finland, the utilization rate of traditional e-invoicing is estimated to be 50-60 percent and will continue to grow at an annual rate of about 10 percent. However, there is a demand for the new generation of modern mobile invoicing and we therefore believe that both companies and consumers will find this method of invoicing," says Juha Risikko, Director of Nordea's new payment methods.

Easy to pay

Sending a mobile invoice to be transmitted via Siirto can easily be done on the basis of a phone number alone. Instead of the traditional e-invoice or paper invoice, the consumer is sent a Siirto payment request with an invoice image and the required payment information. The consumer does not need to go online to activate e-invoicing, just look at the invoice on his smartphone and easily accept it by swiping it.

"Collaboration with Nordea in utilizing Siirto for consumer invoicing, PostNord Strålfors' customers are further expanding their opportunities to communicate with their customers. Siirto already has its own wide user base, allowing them to accept invoices for an already familiar application," says Sami Niininen, Head of Digital Services at PostNord Strålfors Oy.

Speed and Real Time Payments

For the invoicer, the mobile invoicing utilizing Siirto is easy to use and already the first invoice can be sent immediately via Siirto. By using Siirto, the invoicer will also receive the payment in real time to bank account as soon as the consumer pays the invoice. With PostNord Strålfors, the invoicer can easily access this new invoicing method alongside other invoicing channels.

PostNord Strålfors is the leading provider of paper and electronic invoices in the Nordic countries, and in Finland the company sends tens of millions of invoices a year. There are about 800,000 Siirto users in Finland, and the number of events and users is growing rapidly.


Sami Niininen
Head of Digital Services, PostNord Strålfors Oy
+358 40 503 4994

Juha Risikko
Vice President, New Payment Methods, Nordea
+358 9 4245 1006

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Siirto is a payment application downloadable on a mobile phone (iOS or Android) that allows you to pay and receive payments in real time between other Siirto users, regardless of the bank. It is enough that you know the other party's phone number.

The Nordea Siirto application utilizes the Transmission Payment System maintained by Automatia, to which other banks and payment service providers are linked. When making a payment, you enter a phone number instead of an account number. When the phone number is found in the Siirto payment system, you will see the payee name. The payment will be displayed to the recipient immediately, regardless of the bank, and the funds will be immediately available to the recipient on the recipient's bank account. The transfer can only be paid to the Finnish bank accounts that are included in the Siirto Payment System.