We have been helping our customers for more than 100 years

Change is in our DNA. Since our beginning in 1919, we have successfully managed to transform at every major transformation, along with our customers

PostNord Stralfors’ business is based on a long tradition. The company Stralfors started out as a printing works in the Swedish town of Ljungby in 1919. In 1956, we started to manufacture punch cards for computers. Today at 100 years in business, we are the digitisation partner to several of the largest businesses in the Nordics.

Thage Carlsson set up the TH Carlson Tryckeri och Stämpelfabrik [Printing Works and Stamp Factory] in 1919. When he changed his surname to Strålfors in 1936, the company was named TH Strålfors Boktryckeri [Book Printing Works].

Ever since we began in 1919, we have always been at the cutting edge and constantly reduced the distance between companies and their customers by delivering new communication solutions. In 1964, we started a gradual process of internationalization, and we now have our own well-established organizations in four countries.

Today, progress moves faster, everything communicates everywhere, and the communication landscape is changing constantly. In such uncertain times, Stralfors stands for knowledge, tradition, and innovation.

Change is nothing new for us. We have it in our genes. Since our beginning in 1919, we have successfully managed to transform at every major transformation, along with our customers. 

Today, the world is once again facing a paradigm shift. Digitization has created completely new prerequisites for communication, placing new demands on both consumers and businesses. We help our customers to meet the challenges of the future. We know what has to be done.

For a century, Stralfors has been producing and delivering communication solutions to customers all over the world. The journey began in the Swedish town of Ljungby.

Explore a century of Strålfors


1919–1955: Graphic Production

Stralfors’ business is based on a long tradition, and it all started in 1919 with a man named Thage Carlsson in Ljungby, Sweden.


1956–1969: Punch cards and the company's first computer

On a trip to the USA in the early 1950s, Göthe Parkander was inspired by automatic data processing and punch cards. Punch cards became Stralfors’ first, but not last, contact with the IT industry.


1970–1985: Labels, IT-accessories and gaming

In 1975, Stralfors bought its first label company, Datakett in Helsingborg, which manufactured data labels and other self-adhesive labels. This was the first of a number of acquisitions that made Stralfors a leader in the industry.


1986–1995: Electronic Business Communication

In 1986, Stralfors was one of the first companies in Sweden to invest in an EDI system for electronic business communication.


1996–2006: Loyalty schemes and information logistics

In 1996, Strålfors bought the manufacturer and supplier of smart cards, P. A. Segenmark in Uppsala. With this acquisition, Stralfors strengthened its customer relationships and took a major step towards its current offering.


2006–2012: The road to Omnichannel

In 2006, Swedish company Posten AB acquired Stralfors, which was then de-listed from the Stock Exchange. A couple of years later, Stralfors set up operations in the Polish town of Laskowice.


2013-2021: Connecting the dots in a digital world

Since 1919, Strålfors has successfully managed to transform at every major paradigm, always in close cooperation with our customers.