1970 – 1985 Labels, IT accessories and gaming

In 1975, Stralfors bought its first label company, Datakett in Helsingborg, which manufactured data labels and other self-adhesive labels. This was the first of a number of acquisitions that made Stralfors a leader in the industry.


As early as 1979, Stralfors was focusing on becoming an environment-friendly graphical company.

In 1976, Stralfors concluded an agreement with the Swedish Transport Administration on the production of car tax forms with tax discs in a combined set – an innovation developed in-house that lasted as long as tax discs were used in Sweden.

In 1981, Stralfors started to manufacture trotting and horse racing betting slips for ITS systems, and the very next year they won a major order for tote slips from Hong Kong.
Stralfors soon became the market's leading supplier of gaming products in Europe.

In 1984, Stralfors was launched on the Stockholm Stock Exchange's OTC List. With a new organisation and a new way of working, Stralfors set course for the future with Göthe Parkander as the obvious leader. The term "Team Stralfors" was coined in a mailing to employees. It stated, among other things, that Stralfors "shall work on the transmission of information involving computers" and that "we shall always view the customer as the most important person in Stralfors". This is just as clear to everyone working at Stralfors today as it was 30 years ago.