1956 –1969 Punch cards and the company's first computer of its own

On a trip to the USA in the early 1950s, Göthe Parkander was inspired by automatic data processing and punch cards. Punch cards became Stralfors’ first, but absolutely not the last contact with the IT industry.


The first punch card machines were of the Goebel model and printed 6,000 punch cards an hour.

in Ljungby. First of all in the cellar of a house on Torsgatan, and then in rented premises at Replösa School. The machines worked around the clock until they were moved into newly-built premises at Långgatan 3 in the 1960s. 1956 also saw the passing away of the company's founder, Thage Strålfors, at the age of 59. That was also the year that Stralfors expanded its sales territory to cover the whole of Sweden. In the years that followed, business operations were also established in Norway, Finland, Denmark, the UK and Germany.