We’ve been helping our customers for more than 90 years.

PostNord Stralfors’ business is based on a long tradition.
The company Stralfors started out as a printing works in the Swedish town of Ljungby in 1919. And it was in 1956, the same year that we started to manufacture punch cards for computers, that we laid the foundations of our current business concept.


Thage Carlsson set up the TH Carlson Tryckeri och Stämpelfabrik [Printing Works and Stamp Factory] in 1919. When he changed his surname to Strålfors in 1936, the company was named TH Strålfors Boktryckeri [Book Printing Works].

Ever since we began in 1919 we've always been at the cutting edge and constantly reduced the distance between companies and their customers by delivering new communication solutions. In 1964 we started a gradual process of internationalisation, and we now have our own well-established organisations in seven countries.

And today, as developments move along faster and faster, as everything communicates, everywhere and the communication landscape is constantly changing, Stralfors stands for knowledge, tradition and innovation.
Because change is nothing new for us. We have it in our genes.

We develop and sell communication solutions that give companies with large numbers of customers totally new opportunities for stronger, more personal customer relations.

For almost a century, Stralfors has been producing and delivering communication solutions to customers all over the world. The journey began in the Swedish town of Ljungby.